Managing the Transportation of Perishable Food Products

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Thu, May 19, 2016
90 minutes
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Get a Better Understanding of Food Transportation Traceability & Sanitation to Avoid Recalls & Lawsuits

Food transportation is the black hole in the food supply chain. Regardless of all the preparation and care taken by farms, processors, distributors and other food handling operations, ignoring food-on-the move can lead to disastrous consequences when economically motivated or other adulteration issues impact food during transportation. Protecting your company from recalls and law suits is a critical issue that now includes transportation.

With the recent news of Sysco’s use of dirty overheated sheds to store perishables (NBC's Investigative Report) and recently published FDA proposed Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) rules to help ensure the safety of imported foods, the need is obvious to establish an overall plan for controlling the safety and quality for foods in the transportation processes.

This session by expert speaker Dr. John M. Ryan is designed for any food industry supply chain players who rely on transportation delivery controls. Air Cargo, trucking, rail, freight forwarders and shippers are key players in the transportation of temperature and humidity controlled food goods and can benefit financially from offering value-added sensor technology to their service packages.

The session will cover strategies to provide sanitary real-time cold chain temperature tracking and traceability at the pallet and container levels – for both short (processing and distribution) and long haul transportation processes. The goal is to help the supply chain members avoid liability and identify opportunities for continuous improvement and to review some of today's technology that is capable of providing a systematic real-time anytime/anywhere approach to knowing the temperature of shipped goods and sanitary condition of the shipping containers.

Session Highlights:

  • Food Safety Modernization Act (food handling, transportation - import, local and export)
  • Temperature tracking sensors that communicate via RFID, Wi-Fi, and GPS
  • Air freight, distributor liability, trucking
  • Provide the “ANYWHERE” data with the help of GPS tracking
  • Communicate ANYTIME with GSM
  • Real-Time cold chain traceability
  • Issues concerning return on investment
  • Plastic pallets: weight, costs, food safety, cleaning, recycling
  • Constant improvement controls
  • Gathering data from the grower pallet loop
  • International food safety and temperature controls - the new federal food safety law
  • Intelligent routing configuration during transit and at the distribution center
  • Designing the system to deliver real-time anywhere/anytime transportation control data


  • Know the difference between container and food traceability and sanitation requirements
  • Analyzing usual food transportation issues
  • Get an understanding of the transportation FSMA  and international laws and guidance
  • Get to know what is latest in food transportation traceability and sanitation
  • Be prepared for upcoming standards for transportation food safety certification
  • Compare advantages of aluminum wood and plastic pallet
  • Learn how to implement continuous improvement controls to transportation processes
  • Initiate new container traceability and sanitation operational controls
  • Have a look at what the future holds for your food transportation requirements

Who should attend?

  • Quality and Operations managers, directors, VP’S in dairy processing, produce, frozen products
  • Agricultural food handlers
  • Auditors of food handling operations
  • Operations using cooling tunnel and other field-to-transport cooling strategies
  • Operators of transportation companies
  • Government inspection personnel (USDA and FDA)
  • International import/export specialists
  • Food Safety Consultants
  • Cooperative farm specialists


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About Our Speaker

Dr. John Ryan - Food Safety Program Expert

Dr. John Ryan holds a Ph.D. in research and statistical methods. He has been working on transportation food safety issues since 2011 after retiring from his position as the administrator for the Hawaii State Department of Agriculture's Quality Assurance Division where he headed up Hawaii’s commodity inspection, food safety certification and measurement standards service groups. He has won awards for traceability technology for his visionary...   More Info
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