An Overview of Food Safety for Non-Foodies

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Insights on Food Recalls and the Types of Incidences That Are Triggering Them

Preserving food and keeping it fit for human consumption has been a challenge since the antiquities. For millennia, food scientists have been identifying and thwarting a list of "bad bugs". So why is it that recently we have been inundated with media reports of food safety incidences and product recalls – some that leave hundreds or thousands of consumers sick or even dead? Have authorities simply gotten better at detecting and communicating food safety incidences to the public or has food safety suddenly become more of a challenge?

Join Douglas C. Moyer - PhD, CPP in this audio session to get an overview of Food Safety as a discipline - distinctively different from Food Fraud, Food Quality, and Food Defense. Similar to those other disciplines, the concepts of prevention, detection, and reaction will be defined. The various government agencies that are charged with public health and Food Safety will be explored including their jurisdictional limitations. Public Health mechanisms such as food recalls will be presented including the types of incidences that are triggering them. Lastly, the new Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) gives the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) new sweeping authority and accountability for public health.

This session will examine the FSMA to see how it is intended to improve Food Safety. Douglas will present this in non-technical terms so that food consumers can understand the safeguards that are – and about to be— in place.

Topics covered in this session:

  • Learn what Food Safety is and how it differs from other food disciplines like Food Fraud, Food Quality and Food Defense
  • Learn the origins and history of the US Food Safety system
  • Get a brief on the list of known "bad bugs" that public health authorities work to prevent
  • The various Federal agencies that have statutory responsibility for Food Safety will be presented.
  • Data regarding Food Safety incidences will be examined for trends and causes
  • The program culminates with references to the US Food Safety Modernization Act

Participants will be introduced to key concepts and resources including:

  • Food Protection Matrix
  • Prevention, Detection, and Reaction Phases of Food Safety
  • Elements of a good Food Safety system
  • Food Safety approaches such as Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)
  • How and why food recalls occur
  • Simple safeguards that consumers can take to improve their own Food Safety

Food recalls occur almost daily. At face value, the public should feel concerned about Food Safety. Attend this session to see why food recalls are actually a sign that the Food Safety system is working.


Who should attend

  • Non-food brand owners and industry professionals who are curious about how Food Safety may relate to their brands or industries
  • Public health officials and practitioners who do not normally come in contact with Food Safety incidents
  • Consumers who are interested in gaining a better understanding of their own Food Safety

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About Our Speaker

Douglas C. Moyer - Food Safety Training Expert


Dr. Moyer is an Assistant Professor in Michigan State University’s Program In Public Health (College of Human Medicine) since 2009. He teaches and develops online graduate-level courses including Public Health Administration and the Public Health Risks from Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals. These courses are also core requirements for the program's various Graduate Certificates.


Dr. Moyer is an Adjunct Assistant Professor with MSU’s Online Masters of Science in Food Safety...   More Info
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