FDA Food Labeling Claims – Understanding the Advantages and the Risks of Claims

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Understand FDA Regulations and Avoid Common Pitfalls While Making Food Labeling Claims

Claims can be a very beneficial marketing tool for your product in the market. These claims can set your product apart from the masses of other products with promises for better health and nutrient rich benefits. Many marketing departments go ahead and make these claims without understanding the regulations that must be met when making such claims. The consumer is protected by regulations with allowable and unallowable claims as well as the supporting disclaimers that must be present. It is important to understand how and when a claim may be made on a food package.

Join this conference by expert speaker Natasha Rowley-Phipps to review the types of claims with an in-depth review of the regulations. Get insights on claims in the market place with examples and review case studies of claims with enforcement actions taken by the FDA.

This session will help both regulatory and marketing departments navigate this complex area of regulations while taking maximum business advantage of these regulations. You will leave this session with a good understanding of the topic and get access to government resources and reference presentation you can use to achieve compliance.

Session Highlights:

  • In depth review of claims regulations
  • How and when to use claims?
  • Undefined terms used on packages
  • Food labeling claims in the marketplace
  • Enforcement actions against companies with claims

You will also get answers to the following tough questions:

  • What changes to current claim regulations do you anticipate due to the new labeling requirements?
  • What is the benefit of a health claim versus a qualified health claim?
  • When do you think "natural" will be defined?

Who Should Attend

Quality assurance personnel within food manufacturing facilities, corporate quality assurance personnel, marketing, research and development personnel, and legal advisory teams.

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About Our Speaker

Natasha Rowley-Phipps – Food Safety Management Expert

Natasha Rowley-Phipps has more than 20 years of experience in food quality, nutrition labeling, manufacturing and research. Natasha graduated from Kansas State University receiving her B.S. in bakery science management with further studies in a master's program of cereal chemistry. Early in her career she held positions within the USDA Grain Marketing Research Center and AIB International, collecting and analyzing research data. Her career focus then progressed into restaurant quality...   More Info
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