The Public Health Risks of Food Fraud

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Wed, Apr 16, 2014
60 Minutes
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Food Fraud Is Not The Same As Economically Motivated Adulteration (EMA)

Food Fraud is growing in both scope and scale. International incidences, such as melamine-adulterated infant formula in China and European beef adulterated with horse meat, can no longer be thought of as being remote due to globalized food supply chains. Food Fraud puts whole industries, brands, and public health at risk. These risks are compounded by a general lack of awareness and understanding. This is in part due to Food Fraud being distinctly different from traditional disciplines such as food safety, food quality, and food defense. Professionals in these disciplines, as well as law enforcement, packaging scientists, and supply chain managers, are hard-pressed to apply their expertise to address the perpetrators who are exclusively motivated for economic gain. Effective and efficient tactics cannot be adopted without first having a strategy based on awareness and understanding of the issue. Developing a risk mitigation strategy requires risk assessments that recognize the diversity of food fraudsters and prioritize the various food fraud types.

In this session, expert speaker Douglas C. Moyer, PhD, CPP will provide participants with a full understanding of Food Fraud as a discipline, the types of fraudsters, and the types of frauds. This will enable a strategic shift from detection and reaction to proactive prevention. In this way industries and brands will be able to better protect themselves while reducing the public health risks.

Topics covered in the session:

  • What is Food Fraud and how it differs from more traditional disciplines like Food Quality, Food Safety and Food Defense
  • Expose several common misconceptions, such as: Food Fraud is not the same as economically motivated adulteration (EMA)
  • Know why a multi-disciplinary approach is required to understand the problem including how packaging science, supply chain management, and crime science can contribute to solutions
  • The various types of food fraudsters will be presented along with the different types of Food Fraud and their unique ability to threaten public health
  • This program will illustrate the fundamental shift from detection and response to prevention that is needed to thwart any such opportunities
  • The program culminates with references to the US Food Safety Modernization Act and the impending requirements of Intentional Adulteration (section 106 )
  • International Food Fraud regulations and research are also covered in this presentation

Participants will be introduced to key concepts and resources including:

  • Food Protection Matrix
  • Crime Triangle
  • Fraud and Fraudster Typologies
  • Incident Databases
  • Food Fraud Cluster Analysis Tool

Food Fraud is gaining international and domestic attention from government regulators and industry standards organizations. Do you know how to face an inevitable Food fraud oversight?

Who should attend?

  • Brand owners and food industry professionals
  • Food retailers and distributors
  • Public health officials and food safety specialists
  • Law enforcement and regulatory authorities
  • Food packaging and supply chain specialists

Get answers to your questions in Q&A session by the speaker to help you with the doubts and queries you may have.

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About Our Speaker

Douglas C. Moyer - Food Safety Training Expert


Dr. Moyer is an Assistant Professor in Michigan State University’s Program In Public Health (College of Human Medicine) since 2009. He teaches and develops online graduate-level courses including Public Health Administration and the Public Health Risks from Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals. These courses are also core requirements for the program's various Graduate Certificates.


Dr. Moyer is an Adjunct Assistant Professor with MSU’s Online Masters of Science in Food Safety...   More Info
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