CMS Quality Initiative: Measuring Quality of Life When Delivering Food & Nutrition Service

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Larry D. Bowe, BS, CFPMT, CFPMP
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Wed, Nov 14, 2018
90 minutes
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CMS’ New Standards are Here: Is Your Food & Nutrition Services Department Ready?

Under CMS’ new standards for QAPI outcomes, your facility must care for Medicaid and Medicare participants in a manner and in an environment that maintains or enhances each resident’s dignity and respect in full recognition of their individuality. Are you aware of the critical role that food and nutrition plays in helping you comply with CMS’ stringent new standards? Failure to meet these new standards can lead to serious consequences.

Get current with the new tough requirements with food safety expert Larry Bowe in this annual refresher webinar. This webinar will show you how to develop, implement, and maintain effective data driven QAPI programs within healthcare Food and Nutrition operations, Hospital Dietary Service operations, and Behavioral Centers that focus on supporting outcomes of care and quality of live.

Bowe will walk you through the changes (as of November 2016) in Food and Nutrition Services, and Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) projects for Long Term Care facilities and Hospital Healthcare Operations – as well as the changes to compliance and implementation for Behavioral Health Centers/Expectations, §483.60 Food and Nutrition Service (November 2019). You will learn about CMS guidelines that include updates to §483.75 QAPIs, Tags (F520, F692, F693, F694) effective November 28, 2017, and Behavioral Health Services organizations (November 2019), as well as changes that reflect on §483.60 Hospital Dietary Services.


After attending this session, you will be able to develop, implement and maintain an effective and comprehensive (on-going) data-driven QAPI program that focuses on systems of care, outcomes of care, and quality of life. You will know how to identify data points for data-driven QAPI programs; foster and manage systems of care that drive outcomes of care in Food and Nutrition Services, Hospital Dietary, and Food Service Operations.

Session Highlights

This session will bring you up to speed with:

  • The history, culture, and objective of §483.75 QAPI initiative as it relates to Food and Nutrition Services
  • A working understanding of CMS Quality initiative as it relates to Food and Nutrition Management
  • How to implement and maintain an effective and comprehensive on-going data-driven QAPI program that focuses on systems of care, outcomes of care, and quality of life
  • How systems, methods, and means of driving quality improvements are a core function of your Food and Nutrition operation
  • What are three specific qualities CMS QAPI programs must focus on when determining outcomes of care?
  • What are the major changes in “The Intent”, of an effective, comprehensive QAPI program for quality improvement?
  • Considerations in formulating, deploying a possible QAPI project for Food and Nutrition Service, specific to outcomes of care 

Learning Objectives

You will learn:

  • How to implement data-driven QAPI projects for Food and Nutrition Service
  • How to build a culture of understanding around Food and Nutrition Service, thereby establishing a system(s) of 24/7 care
  • The how-tos of transitioning data to analytics, and establishing measurable outcomes of care (incl. basic forms, tools to create analytics graphs, charts, etc.)
  • How to determine if your Food and Nutrition Service is delivering quality of life, and improved outcomes

Training Materials

  • Pdf of slide presentation
    (with supporting notes and explanations)
  • Toolkit
    (with customizable forms, forms that generate analytics, etc.)

Who Should Attend

  • Healthcare administrators 
  • Hospital and nursing home managers
  • Assistant living food service managers and vendors
  • Directors, managers, supervisors, and staff who are new to Food and Nutrition Services
  • Assistant living, home health agencies, behavior health centers, and allied health organizations  
  • Small nursing homes, hospitals, and facilities 

Ask a question at the Q&A session following the live event and get advice unique to your situation, directly from our expert speaker.

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About Our Speaker

Larry D. Bowe - Food Safety Regulations Expert

Larry D. Bowe, BS, CFPMT, CFPMP, is a principle consultant, food safety certified instructor, HACCP documentation specialist and, HR strategist. He believes in promoting global food safety as a catalyst for organizational growth, and in responsible food safety and sanitation practices as the framework that creates a culture of food safety.

Global food safety cultures infuse organizational process focused on managing the ever-changing dynamics...   More Info
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