CMS Compliance: Analytic Generator In Healthcare Food Service Settings

Application of New CMS Quality Indicator Process in Healthcare Food Service

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Larry D. Bowe, BS, CFPMT, CFPMP
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Wed, May 16, 2018
90 minutes
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CMS §483.75: Comply with Quality Assurance Rules for Healthcare Food Service

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is dedicated to promoting quality improvements in healthcare settings—but not just to care. If your facility relies on Medicare or Medicaid funding, your food service better be up to snuff, too.

Federal regulation §483.75 Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) applies to all healthcare facilities that receive Medicare and Medicaid funds. That list includes long-term care facilities, skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, home health agencies, and behavior health centers that, as of November 2017, must comply not only with §483.75 but also with §483.60 (Food and Nutrition Services). When CMS survey teams investigate your facility, they follow strict protocols to spot whether your organization has implemented quality measures. Don’t get caught compromising patients!

Join Larry Bowe to explore real-world examples, materials, and strategies that promote positive outcomes across all healthcare food service disciplines. Learn to improve the services you provide—and prevent negative outcomes in your healthcare dining, food, and nutrition services.

After attending this audio event, you’ll understand the CMS regulations that apply to your food service operations. You will be prepared to perform under the guidelines. And you’ll be equipped with tools and best practices to face and recover from an audit. The result? While you’re maintaining a data-driven QAPI program and avoiding citations, you’ll also be promoting quality of care and quality of life for your patients.

Session Highlights

This program will provide you with:

  • Insight into 42 CFR § 483.75, § 483.60, and §483.25(g)(1)(3), 483.25(g)(2), and §483.15 sections that relate to food service operations
  • An understanding of CMS’s regulation intent so you can perform better within the intended guidelines
  • Administrative tools that can automatically generate reports and updates of quality indicators for food service operations
  • Tools that measure what counts when it comes to delivering quality food service
  • An understanding of tools, methods, and best practices to use in implementing ongoing quality measures and how to hold food service staff accountable

You’ll also take with you the following Working Measuring Tools, Analytics Generator & Forms:

  • §483.25(Updates) Quality of Care Tags - Determination of Compliance
  • 83.25(i) Quality of Care - 14 Potential Quality Tags
  • Phase2 F-tag Crosswalk (changes/Updated Tags Nov 2017)
  • Hospital Food Dietary Tags - Condition of Participation
  • CMS Kitchen Sanitation Observation Food and Nutrition (new)
  • 2017 CMS Dining-Kitchen-Pathways (new)
  • Mock Survey Self-Assessment Tool- Food and Nutrition
  • Resident Satisfaction Questionnaire
  • Analytics Generator- Resident Satisfaction (Excel form)
  • Tray Accuracy Audit Form
  • Test Tray Analytics Generator
  • Meal Cart Delivery Analytics Generator
  • Delivery Confirmation Form
  • Handwashing Audit Tool
  • Handwashing In-service Poster
  • Analytics Generator Handwashing Audit Tool (Excel form)
  • Temperature Analytics Generator Master (blank form)
  • 11a Temperature HACCP Daily Log (data generator)
  • Annual Staff In-Service Training Tool
  • Clinical/Assessment Tool Kit (sample analytics generator)

Who Should Attend

  • Healthcare administrators
  • Healthcare food service managers
  • Food service vendors for hospitals, nursing homes, or assisted living facilities
  • Food and nutrition directors and managers
  • Food service supervisors
  • Hospital, nursing home, and other healthcare facility food service staff
  • Behavioral health facility food service staff

Ask a question at the Q&A session following the live event and get advice unique to your situation, directly from our expert speaker.

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Larry D. Bowe - Food Safety Regulations Expert

Larry D. Bowe, BS, CFPMT, CFPMP, is a principle consultant, food safety certified instructor, HACCP documentation specialist and, HR strategist. He believes in promoting global food safety as a catalyst for organizational growth, and in responsible food safety and sanitation practices as the framework that creates a culture of food safety.

Global food safety cultures infuse organizational process focused on managing the ever-changing dynamics...   More Info
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