ISO 22301:2012: Business Continuity Management System Requirements

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Tue, Jun 21, 2016
60 minutes
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Create an Effective Business Continuity Plan—Understand the Standards for Business Continuity Audits

In order to implement, establish, plan, operate, monitor, maintain and review, ISO 22301:2012 specifies various requirements, and also improves a documented management system continuously to protect against, prepare for, recover from, reduce the likelihood of, and respond to disruptive incident when they arise. ISO 22301:2012’s requirements are generic in nature, and is intended to apply to all organizations or parts, irrespective of the size, type and nature of the organization. The extent of applying these requirements are concentrated on the operating environment and complexity of the organization.

For any successful business continuity planning (BCP), you need to have consistent and clear communication. The planning will cover everything regarding how your employees will be communicating with each other, where they will go, and how will they keep doing their jobs. The planning prepares your organization to brace itself for all disruptive events.

It has been seen that 61% of surveyed companies had to invoke their Business Continuity Planning, and 43% had to do it more than once. The key causes of having a BCP is protecting the organization against power outages, cyber-attacks, natural disasters, IT failures, floods, fires, telecom failures and other pandemonium-issuing incidents.

48% of organizations that didn’t have a proper BCP have suffered any one of the aforementioned incidents, 37% of the cases didn’t have plans which adequately address emergency communications and 25% of the cases didn’t include their key staff in the testing, which resulted in the staff not knowing their role and responsibility in the plan.

Join this session by expert speaker Dr. Michael C. Redmond to understand the components in a complete and effective Business Continuity Planning program. Get insights from on-the-field experiences that can be applied to Internal Audit and BCP program activities. The session will also provide tools to help your organization improve on your BCP program and your ability in auditing them with targeted recommendations. You will learn how to do Risk Assessment and Business Impact Analysis, design a real business continuity plan and know how to test, implement and maintain it.

Session Highlights:

  • What should be included in a business continuity audit?
  • Setting controls
  • Which regulations and standards apply to business continuity audits
  • Examining evidence about the performance of activities
  • Verifying measures to ensure continuity
  • Evaluating quality vs. a general template
  • How to do risk assessment and business impact analysis
  • How to design a real business continuity plan
  • How to test, implement and maintain a business continuity plan

Who Should Attend

Auditors, Business Continuity Planners, Compliance and Organizations such as ACP, ISSA, ISACA

Ask a question at the Q&A session following the live event and get advice unique to your situation, directly from our expert speaker.

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Dr. Michael C. Redmond

Dr. Michael C. Redmond CEO and Lead Consultant for Redmond Worldwide, Dr. Redmond is an International Speaker, Author, Trainer and Consultant. Dr. Michael C. Redmond helps organizations create great Mitigation and Response Programs. Her vast background includes consulting as a Sr. Manager for both Deloitte and KPMG for 7 ½ years, and 9 years with Redmond Worldwide She has developed, documented and trained in...   More Info
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