FDA Labeling Requirements for Packaged and Foodservice Foods with an Overview of New Regulations

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FDA’s Current and New Labeling Requirements for Packaged and Foodservice Food Products.

Labeling issues can cost a company money in packaging errors, enforcement letters from FDA or even a mandatory recall of incorrectly labeled product. In 20 years, we have not seen such a sweeping change to the regulations, as are now written into law. It is important to understand the regulations, where to find information, and what is coming with the new regulations.

This session by expert speaker Natasha Rowley-Phipps will review current regulatory requirements for packaged and foodservice food products. It will cover all of the aspects of who, when, where, what, and why in regards to food labeling. After reviewing all current regulations related to labeling elements, claims, and allergens the new regulations will be discussed. This session will review all of the drastic changes that you must prepare for and provide a practical approach to implementing the changes and managing the new requirements.

Further, the session will discuss the current situation of the new regulations. While the political landscape and interest groups may delay the implementation of these rules, it is important that you stay informed and updated. At the end of the session, you will leave with a better knowledge of the regulations, government website resources and a presentation for your reference.

Session Highlights:

  • When is labeling or other regulated information required for food labeling?
  • How to present the information and where to present it?
  • Claims and support of these claims
  • Allergen labeling and gluten free regulation
  • History of regulation and the impact to consumers and food companies
  • Approaching food labeling requirements as a compromise between regulatory and marketing
  • New regulations with a background on the need for change
  • Compliance dates and review of potential postponements
  • Added sugar labeling change
  • Design changes to panel
  • Serving size changes
  • Single serve container changes with dual panel labeling
  • New mandatory nutrients
  • Current state of new regulations
  • Resources for further study

Who Should Attend?

Corporate or facility regulatory personnel, quality assurance personnel, and legal risk management personnel within food manufacturers or restaurant companies. This session may also be beneficial to marketing or graphic design personnel.

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About Our Speaker

Natasha Rowley-Phipps – Food Safety Management Expert

Natasha Rowley-Phipps has more than 20 years of experience in food quality, nutrition labeling, manufacturing and research. Natasha graduated from Kansas State University receiving her B.S. in bakery science management with further studies in a master's program of cereal chemistry. Early in her career she held positions within the USDA Grain Marketing Research Center and AIB International, collecting and analyzing research data. Her career focus then progressed into restaurant quality...   More Info
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