Implementing Dental-Medical Cross Coding

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Take The Difficulty Out Of Dental-Medical Cross Coding.

Due to the paradigm shift in dentistry where it is becoming the field of dental medicine, dental practices are now in the position to help their patients obtain additional benefits from their medical insurance plans for medically necessary dental procedures.  This will increase case acceptance and, therefore, profits. Most dental practices have no idea how to do this.

Audio educator is here to help. This 90-minute event presented by expert speaker Marianne Harper will provide you the basics of medical coding and will take away the difficulty of implementing a cross coding system. By understanding the multiple medical coding systems and knowing how to complete the medical claim form, dental practices will be more successful with this process.

Register now and also learn that your dental practices probably already have the tools necessary to implement cross coding and, if not, you will be provided with resources to obtain those tools.

You will walk away with:

  • The know how to complete a medical claim form
  • The know how to work with the different types of medical plans
  • Resources will be provided for obtaining the medical codes
  • Resources will be provided for claim form completion
  • Examples of  codes that would be used for different types of dental procedures

Highlights Of The Session :

  • Learn why it is so beneficial for dental practices to implement dental-medical cross coding
  • Identify what types of dental procedures can be submitted to medical insurance
  • Understand the importance of learning how to accurately use the medical code sets
  • See how a medical claim form should be completed
  • Discover that most dental practices already have the tools to complete cross coded claims
  • Learn about medical necessity
  • Discover sources of medical code sets including an actual cross coding manual
  • Learn the importance and best methods of documentation
  • See examples of codes to use for different types of medically necessary dental procedures

Who should attend? Dentists, dental office managers, dental insurance coordinators, dental insurance personnel, dental business office staff, dental billing personnel, dental hygienists, dental assistants, dental practice owners

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About Our Speaker

Marianne Harper - Dental Billing Codes Expert

Marianne Harper is the owner of “The Art of Practice Management”, a dental practice management consulting company.  Marianne’s specialties in her consultancy are: front desk systems, business forms, the implementation of systems to lower accounts receivable, and the training and implementation of dental-medical cross coding.  In addition, Marianne is the author of a medical coding manual for dental practices as well as an eBook series on submitting certain...   More Info
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