Steps To Implement Cross Coding In A Dental Practice

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Tips on Implementing Dental Medical Cross Coding with Ease

Learning how to implement dental-medical cross coding is as important as knowing how to cross code. In this session, Marianne Harper will help you understand what procedures are medically necessary and how dental staff members will need to learn to communicate with each other regarding which patients qualify for cross coding.

Marianne will provide an overview of what you need to implement cross coding. In addition, She will discuss how you may be able to use your dental practice management software for cross coding. For those programs that do not have cross coding software, she will provide information on low cost claim completion software.

This conference will complete the full picture on implementing dental-medical cross coding.  The concentration in this webinar is on learning the different activities that can simplify the transition into medical coding.

It will cover:

  • The roles of the different staff members and the dentists
  • The importance of designating a cross coding coordinator
  • What documentation is required when filing with medical plans
  • A review of the decisions that must be made regarding implementing cross coding
  • The supplies that must be purchased
  • Practice management software
  • How to submit medical claims if you do not have software that has a cross coding component
  • How using encounter forms can aid in communication and clean claims
  • A review of insurance fraud and abuse

Areas covered in the session:

  • Know “How to begin cross coding”. Learning how to cross code is very important but this session will provide the ways to get started in implementing this coding system in dental offices
  • Specific cross coding duties will be laid out so that each employee will know his or her duties to implement cross coding.
  • How much will your practice handle with regard to filing with more than primary plans? Suggestions on the advantages and disadvantages of filing with multiple carriers.
  • Tips on medical coding software choices if the practice’s dental practice management software does not offer a reliable way to code medical claims.
  • Identify the supplies you need to have for implementing cross coding
  • Review of the use and importance of certain practice forms. Dental practices will learn how to evaluate the effectiveness of their current forms and be provided with new forms that will help to streamline the implementation of cross coding

Who should attend?: Dentists, Dental Practice Owners, Office Managers, Insurance Coordinators, Hygienists, Dental Assistants

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About Our Speaker

Marianne Harper - Dental Billing Codes Expert

Marianne Harper is the owner of “The Art of Practice Management”, a dental practice management consulting company.  Marianne’s specialties in her consultancy are: front desk systems, business forms, the implementation of systems to lower accounts receivable, and the training and implementation of dental-medical cross coding.  In addition, Marianne is the author of a medical coding manual for dental practices as well as an eBook series on submitting certain...   More Info
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