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Thu, Jan 24, 2013
60 Minutes
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Cardiologists, prepare for a major PCI overhaul for CPT 2013.


It’s not all sunshine and daisies for cardiology practices in 2013, although our practice gets a “gift”, in which we can now code for additional branches in the same Artery. But, the specialty will be heavily impacted with code changes for 2013. Make sure you avoid making any coding mishaps starting January 1, as you may be taking a reimbursement hit.

CPT® 2013 took aim, and you’ve got a slew of new and revised codes. These include transforming how you report percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) codes, a revision to cardiac cath code instructions, and new coding for EP studies.

This session will help you:

  • Find out how new 2013 Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) codes will replace 92980-92981, 92982, 92984, and 92995-92996.
  • Pacemaker and ICD CPT 2013 as per Rev 2012/2013
  • Checks in PM and ICD Device 2013
  • 2013 Stress Update and professional use of Stress Echo’s
  • Change the way you report diagnostic cardiac catheterizations given the new revision to the coding instructions.
  • Understand how Cardiology gets a "gift"- and how we can now code for additional branches in the same Artery!
  • Learn New Coding for EP studies with Ablation procedures.
  • Know New Category I CPT codes for VAD implantations.
  • Learn the use of Codes for Atherectomy
  • Discover how MI diagnosis now a key factor in choosing a Coronary Intervention Code.
  • Understand the new T-Code (technology) section for 2013 for Cardiology.

2013 Peripheral Cardiology Coding Changes

2013 Peripheral Cardiology Changes with focus on head and neck....

Join Ms. Terry Fletcher for this 60-minute vital audio conference where the latest changes, updates, and codes for Peripheral-Cardiology will be presented. We will focus on the new Carotid Angiography codes for 2013 along with new thrombolytic coding.
Register now and learn peripheral coding techniques through "real life" coding situation/case studies. You'll get insights on lower extremity rules and the clarifications for 2013, and new rules for LE Thrombectomy coding.

Take a look at what's covered:

  • Medicare Fee Schedule Discussion and how it will affect Peripheral Coding.
  • Updations and new for 2013 Peripherals, Radiology and surgery procedural codes.
  • Charge capture discussion on Renal and Lower Extremities to make sure all services that can be billed are captured.
  • Reimbursement discussion when we mix Cardiology procedure coding with Peripheral Procedural Coding.
  • Dissecting the CPT book for head and neck peripherals coding correctly.
  • Lower extremity rules and the clarifications for 2013.
  • New rules for LE Thrombectomy coding.
  • Coronary vs. Non-Coronary cardiac coding.
  • Component coding rules and its use
  • Diagnostic Studies of Cervicocerebral Arteries for 2013
  • And more

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About Our Speaker

Terry Fletcher - Cardiology Coding Expert

Ms. Terry Fletcher is a Healthcare Coding & Billing Consultant based in Southern California. With over 30-years experience, Ms. Fletcher is an Editorial Board Member for, a coding, billing and reimbursement educator for McVey Seminars, MGMA, Audio Educator, AAPC, AHIMA, Medlearn, DecisionHealth LLC, Medical Management Institute and her company Terry Fletcher Consulting, Inc., teaching over 100 specialty coding Seminars, Teleconferences and Webinars every year. Terry is a practice auditor...   More Info
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