Microsoft OneNote 2010 Handbook

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Do More With Microsoft OneNote – Organize Your Life and Increase Efficiency!

Dartnell Corp., a leading publisher of business information and training through books, newsletters, videos etc., brings you Microsoft OneNote 2010 Handbook, your guide to mastering OneNote, one of Microsoft Office’s most useful applications. OneNote is an extremely versatile and flexible application that can be used for numerous functions. It has immense functionality and can be used to take notes, collect and organize data including text and graphics, audio and video clips.

OneNote’s flexibility means that it is great at manipulating and organizing data. It can be integrated with other Microsoft applications, like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Mastering Microsoft OneNote can take your efficiency and productivity to unbelievably higher levels!

This intelligent application can help you in a multitude of ways from keeping a simple to-do list to organizing client info for a business, to organizing research, whether for work, fun or hobby. With its versatility, OneNote is great for everyone! Whether you are a professional try to work stress-free, a student taking notes for your education, a business owner keeping the details of your work schedule or a parent trying to keep up with your errands, OneNote is sure to make your life more easier and productive. With its syncing and integrating features, OneNote is a great resource if you are browsing through the Internet and want to keep something for future reference, or if you are writing notes for a project.

Learn how to use OneNote’s functionality and versatility to your benefit with Dartnell’s Microsoft OneNote 2010 Handbook and organize your life.

Dartnell’s Microsoft OneNote 2010 Handbook will help you:

  • Build a OneNote file from scratch
  • Understand the structure of OneNote and its various sections
  • Organize information for greater accessibility and efficiency
  • Automate the process of organizing information
  • Utilize the special features of OneNote and make the most of them
  • Tag and search Notes
  • Integrate OneNote data with other Microsoft applications
  • Integrate and Syncing OneNote with internet and mobile devices
  • Learn to share notebooks

Get tips, techniques and insights to make OneNote work for you in your professional, personal or educational life. Do more in less time and have more time to enjoy the finer moments of life.

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