2019 CPT Updates

CPT Update: Modifier 25 Holds Hidden Traps for Coders in 2019

Broadening scrutiny of claims involving modifiers will affect a wide variety of specialties

Modifier 25 used to be your friend, but it may soon become your biggest foe when reporting 2019 CPT codes. Now, government and private payers alike are flagging claims involving modifier 25 for denials and severe payment cuts. Get the guidance you need on modifier More..

Food Label Declarations

Sort Through FDA Updates To Make Proper Food Label Declarations

Expert: Use FDA food labels as an opportunity to give consumers what they want

While flavor declarations are a cinch, the FDA labeling requirements for the flavor designation on the principal panel display are complex and confusing. Even conventional foods and dietary supplements can be difficult to label when it comes to the FDA’s required Statement of Identity—get things More..

HIPAA Breaches

How to Respond to HIPAA Breaches

10 steps to follow—plus a sample breach notification policy

In the AudioEducator webinar “How to Identify and Respond to HIPAA Breaches in 2019,” regulatory expert and attorney Kim Stanger provides practical solutions to HIPAA compliance, explaining how to identify which violations require a breach report and how to prepare that report appropriately. HIPAA privacy More..

Medicare Skilled Nursing

Here’s Why You Must Begin Prepping Now for Skilled Nursing PDPM Implementation

Tip: Follow 5 actionable tips to prepare for the biggest change to SNFs in 20 years

Patient-centered care: Recently it’s a term you’ve heard promoted widely in the healthcare field, along with “data-driven” and “real world evidence” (RWE). The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) is catching on to the trend and updating its programs accordingly. For instance, CMS has replaced More..