CMS nursing regulations

Use Patient-Centered Practices to Prevent Nursing Home Falls

It’s Time to Phase Out Alarms and Provide More Proactive Care, says CMS

Nursing homes across the country are increasingly phasing out bed and chair fall-prevention alarms. That’s because physician-conducted studies have found consistently that alarms do not prevent falls, and can even create unsafe conditions for residents. Plus, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is More..

Hospital Contracted Services

Prepare Your Hospital For Contracted Services Scrutiny

Ensure You And Your Vendors Know Your CMS & Joint Commission Obligations

Both the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Joint Commission have ramped up their scrutiny of contract management at hospitals—and with good reason. Data breach and communication breakdown are very real risks given that multiple hospitals departments are regularly accessing the contracts More..

Endoscopy Services

Don’t Make These Mistakes When Billing for Endoscopy Services

Learn the right way to code ‘incomplete’ colonoscopies

Billing Medicare and other payers for endoscopy services is pretty different from billing for other types of procedures. And if you’re like most coders/billers, you’re probably making some common mistakes that can cost you lost time and valuable reimbursement dollars. When billing for endoscopy services, More..

SNF Survey Process

Prepare Your SNF for a Brand-New Survey Process

Have these items on hand when surveyors walk through the door

Like most skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), you and your staff are likely neck-deep in preparations for the new survey requirements of participation (RoPs). SNFs are in the midst of Phase 2 implementation, which includes a new survey process, as well as updated Interpretive Guidance (IG), More..