Opioid Epidemic

As Opioid Crisis Grows, Advocates Push for Revised Confidentiality Rules

Disclosure laws complicate full reporting, thwarting efforts to monitor epidemic

The opioid epidemic is officially a public health emergency, and more than 100 people are dying in the U.S. each day from opioid-related overdoses. Millions of dollars are being earmarked not only for treatment but also for monitoring requirements under which healthcare organizations are obliged More..

Breast Procedures Codes

Use New ICD-10 & CPT Codes for Breast Procedures

Learn how to code breast biopsies – in a nutshell

From differentiating between biopsy and partial mastectomy to reporting image-guided biopsies, including placement of radiological markers, coding for breast procedures is nothing short of mind-bending at times. And the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS’) recent changes to breast-related CPT and ICD-10 codes doesn’t More..

NPP Services

Understand the 3 Distinct Billing Options for NPP Services

Don’t try to bill incident-to when the NPP provides initial visit

The use of non-physician practitioners (NPPs) in all healthcare settings is rising rapidly. But, unfortunately, many providers are billing for NPP services all wrong – and facing increasing denials and reduced payments. NPPs have their own specific rules and guidelines, along with unique coding and More..

FDA Food Facility Inspection

Prepare For 3 Phases Of An FDA Food Facility Inspection

The secret to a passing grade depends as much on what you don’t say as what you do

Every year, millions of Americans get sick—and some even die—because of foodborne diseases, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. With the passage of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is on a mission to prevent foodborne More..

Out of Network billing

How to Ease Your Out-of-Network Billing Headaches

Why you need to keep an eye on ‘balance billing’ legislation

Billing as an out-of-network provider poses unique challenges and obstacles to getting the reimbursement you deserve. Don’t let insurance companies give you the run-around just because you’re not “in-network.” You can take specific steps to successfully bill for out-of-network care, according to medical billing expert More..