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CPT Wrist Codes

Pin Down the Subtleties in CPT Wrist Coding

Must Do: Tighten Your Orthopedic Anatomy Knowledge

Wrists may be small compared to the rest of the body, but there are a numerous procedures that can be performed on this one part—and you need to get your bones, ligaments, and tendons straight if you want to get paid. You certainly don’t want More..

Endoscopy Services

Don’t Make These Mistakes When Billing for Endoscopy Services

Learn the right way to code ‘incomplete’ colonoscopies

Billing Medicare and other payers for endoscopy services is pretty different from billing for other types of procedures. And if you’re like most coders/billers, you’re probably making some common mistakes that can cost you lost time and valuable reimbursement dollars. When billing for endoscopy services, More..

critical care codes

Keeping Track of Time: The Best Way to Code for Critical Care

Key: Amount of Time Spent with Patients Indicates Which Code to Use

Coding for physician inpatient services, especially critical care, is deceptively straightforward. The reality is that the details of each code requirement can complicate things to the point of complete confusion. Despite the challenges, there are specific strategies you can use to correctly identify when critical More..

Spinal Stenosis Pain Management

Pain Management Coders: Are You Ready for 2018?

New and Deleted Codes Cover Spinal Stenosis and Central Pain Syndrome

Pain management coders: There are scores of new and modified codes to be aware of in 2018, warns Amy Turner, a coding pro. So let’s dig in! Turner recently covered coding changes for the field in her conference for AudioEducator, “2018 CPT and ICD-10 Updates More..

Pulmonary Cognitive Assessment

Pulmonary Medicine Coders: Do You Know What’s New for 2018?

Big News Is a New Section: Reporting Cognitive Assessment and Care Plan Services

2018 brings plenty of coding updates for pulmonary medicine, says Jill Young, an expert coder and CEO of Young Medical Consulting. Young covers what is new and modified for the field in her conference for AudioEducator, “2018 Updates for Pulmonary Medicine.” New Codes for Trachea More..

Pediatric Codes Changes

Pediatric Coding Changes for 2018 Touch on Cardiology and Vaccines

Knowing Codes and How to Use Them Can Mean Revenue Differences of Thousands of Dollars

There are tons of new codes for 2018—but just a relative few impact those in pediatrics, said Donelle Holle, a coding expert who recently held a conference for AudioEducator, “2018 Coding Updates: Virtual Bootcamp.” Still, it’s important to brush up on the changes. Knowing the More..

CPT Urological Procedures

Untangling the Rules for 2018: Coding Multiple CPT Procedures in Urology

Key Questions to Consider When Submitting Claims

Each day, urologists perform increasingly complicated operations involving multiple surgical procedures and different CPT® codes. Such complex procedures can trip up even the most seasoned coder, especially when several of the procedures performed are surgically unrelated and can’t be bundled. As part of the Virtual More..