Get a Leg Up on Coding for Feet in 2018

Procedures and services related to the foot are very specific and can be quite confusing because of all the medical necessity requirements and the restrictions on the conditions that can be treated. Diagnosis coding for podiatry requires specific training so that you can you understand foot care and what’s required to document and prove medical necessity, as well as local and national coverage determinations.

And of course the rules are changing – the new ICD-10 codes are out and they go into effect in October 2017. And of course MACRA and MIPS are changing the rules of the reimbursement game, emphasizing quality reporting and the direct link to accurate coding. ICD-10 training is more important now than ever.

Trouble Spots for Feet

Trouble spots like current bunion codes, services and supplies related to orthotics, appropriate use of the ABN when patients are responsible for payment, and the latest guidelines for dispensing diabetic shoes can all easily trip up even the most senior coders.

The ICD-10 changes that will affect podiatry in 2018 are already published – it’s time to delve into the specifics of diagnosis coding for podiatry. Understanding foot care and what’s required for meeting medical necessity is the key to successful coding in this area, and you also need to know how to properly document the procedures a podiatrist performs.

Other important considerations involve a full understanding of local and national coverage determinations, and when you should be using Medicare HCPCS code G0127 for routine foot care. Learning the fundamentals for podiatry coding and billing for 2018 will help your practice collect all the reimbursement it’s due for podiatry services, and not leave money on the table by failing to apply relevant insurance carrier policies or by failing to bill the patient when appropriate.

Get a Jump on 2018 Coding

The ICD-10 and CPT codes for 2018 are out – will you be ready for the podiatry coding challenges that await you? Join orthopedic coding experts Lynn Anderanin and Margie Scalley Vaught on December 8, 2017 at AudioEducator’s Coding Updates Virtual Boot Camp 2017 for “Podiatry Update 2018,” an Orthopedic session focused on the key regulations and guidelines in podiatry. Lynn and Margie will teach you the fundamentals for podiatry coding and billing while reviewing any changes for 2018 that may affect reporting of these services. You’ll walk away with a clear understanding of what codes should be reported when, and what insurance carriers will not cover.


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