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CPT Wrist Codes

Pin Down the Subtleties in CPT Wrist Coding

Must Do: Tighten Your Orthopedic Anatomy Knowledge

Wrists may be small compared to the rest of the body, but there are a numerous procedures that can be performed on this one part—and you need to get your bones, ligaments, and tendons straight if you want to get paid. You certainly don’t want More..

CMS nursing regulations

Use Patient-Centered Practices to Prevent Nursing Home Falls

It’s Time to Phase Out Alarms and Provide More Proactive Care, says CMS

Nursing homes across the country are increasingly phasing out bed and chair fall-prevention alarms. That’s because physician-conducted studies have found consistently that alarms do not prevent falls, and can even create unsafe conditions for residents. Plus, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is More..

critical care codes

Keeping Track of Time: The Best Way to Code for Critical Care

Key: Amount of Time Spent with Patients Indicates Which Code to Use

Coding for physician inpatient services, especially critical care, is deceptively straightforward. The reality is that the details of each code requirement can complicate things to the point of complete confusion. Despite the challenges, there are specific strategies you can use to correctly identify when critical More..

EMTALA On-Call Physician

Higher EMTALA Penalties Mean You’d Better Check Your On-Call Systems

CMS and OIG Urge On-Call Physician Training for Emergency Departments

Medical professionals working in emergency departments (ED) constantly have to make split second decisions in a stressful, crowded, and often understaffed environment. Failure to comply with federal regulations can mean severe penalties not only for the hospital itself, but also for on-duty and on-call staff. More..