Internal Reviews in Anesthesiology: Head Off Audit Findings at the Pass

Hint: Payers are on the lookout for non-covered services billing & improper modifier use

As an experience coded, “compliance” is term you’re more than familiar with. But do you fully understand how to be compliance-ready for a potential anesthesia audit from the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) or Medicare? The OIG, Medicare, and other payers are scrutinizing anesthesia More..

Shoulder Surgery

3 Expert Tips to Boost Your Shoulder Surgery Coding Skills

Important: Don’t let modifier 59 ruin your arthroscopy claims

Although orthopedic societies have pushed to make shoulder surgery coding more akin to coding for other joint procedures, many Medicare guidelines still consider the shoulder as a one-compartment joint. In other words, while there’s been some movement toward the two-compartment viewpoint, many coding guidelines for More..


Learn the Mechanisms of Coding Robotic-Assisted Urology Surgeries

Plus: Don’t rush to select a code for unlisted urology procedures

The use of technology in urology procedures – especially surgeries – has introduced many benefits: fewer complications, shorter hospital stays and recovery periods, and much smaller surgery scars. So it’s no surprise that we’ve seen a significant rise in robotic-assisted surgeries in recent years. The More..

Pain Management

2019 Pain Management Coding: Prep for Intrathecal Pump Updates

Plus: Expect the Proposed Fee Schedule to affect reimbursement rates, including for pump electronic analysis

Opioid abuse is a hot headline topic, with concern growing over how many people are turning to opioids for pain management. As a result, payers have their eyes trained on pain management claims, regardless of subtopic. That’s why pain management coders need to up your More..

Urology Codes

Prep Now for 53+ Changes to 2019 ICD-10/CPT Urology Codes

Sneak peek: You’ll see code updates for PCNL, urethral strictures, and abnormal findings in urine

The word’s out: Claims reimbursements are getting tougher for urology coders, and all the looming changes to CPT® and ICD-10-CM codes don’t make things any easier. It’s your job to accurately present and report urology procedures and services. Drill down into your knowledge now and More..

Evaluation and Management

Prepare Now for an E&M Reimbursement Revolution

Your payment will be cut in half when you use modifier 25

Ground-breaking changes to Evaluation and Management (E&M) documentation and payment are on the horizon, and the impact will vary widely depending on your specialty. Can you look forward to a pay bump—or a reimbursement reduction? Read on to find out. The scoop: CMS recently released More..