Bunionectomy Codes

Bunionectomy Codes Keep Coders on Their Toes

Don’t Let Complicated Foot Anatomy Trip You Up

This year has been a big one for bunionectomy coding, with two codes being added, six revised, and three deleted. Proper names for various procedures were removed, and “with or without sesamoidectomy” was changed to “sesamoidectomy, when performed” for clarification purposes. The fact that there More..

CPT Code Changes

2018 CPT® Coding Changes Hit E/M Services Hard

New Categories Introduced, Other Codes Eliminated

Each year CPT® codes are revised and updated to accommodate current terminology, technology and practice. And 2018 is no different: According to the American Medical Association (AMA), the new year will see a number of code changes taking effect. Keeping up with the vast number More..

Provider-Based Clinics Rules

Popularity of Provider-based Clinics Accompanied by New Rules

With Increased Revenue Comes a New Maze of Rules and Regulations

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) in November published its final Medicare physician fee schedule rule for calendar year 2018, and clinic administrators, coders, financial analysts, compliance personnel, claims transaction personnel and charge masters involved in provider-based clinics need to pay close attention More..

HIPAA Compliance

Taking Your Data to the Cloud? Navigating HIPAA Requires Caution

New Compliance Programs Will Force Better Internal Privacy Maintenance Plans

Is Amazon’s AWS HIPAA-compliant? That’s a good question with an evolving answer, and a pertinent question, too, since, according to Amazon, “A large and growing number of healthcare providers, payers and IT professionals are using AWS’s utility-based cloud services to process, store, and transmit PHI.” More..

Telemedicine ROI

Telemedicine’s ROI Numbers Attract Providers

But Smaller Hospitals Could Be Left Behind in ‘Amazon Effect’

Telemedicine is rapidly becoming a fixture on the American health care landscape. Indeed, telemedicine is increasingly being seen as a need, not a want, and compliance officers, IT personnel, coders and hospital administrators who tune into this trend can find new ways to build their More..