RAC Audits

  • RAC Training: Get Ready For the RAC Appeals Process

      The RAC auditing process can be challenging enough, but you must know when it’s worth the time and expense to appeal your audit. Read these healthcare training tips provided by our exper......

  • Healthcare Audit: Successfully pursue the RAC Appeals Process

      Many of you may have worked at a hospital or hospitals over the years. And the auditors have never come. Okay, maybe the FI auditors came routinely. But other than that, nobody else has ever c......

  • RAC Training: Outline of RAC Appeals Process

      The RAC rebuttal is optional. We may not use this very often because we don't think the RACs are going to be highly amenable to changing their stance. But we do have this RAC rebuttal process ......

  • Healthcare Training: Learn How to Deal with RACs

      The RACs are coming. Whether you're ready or not, they're coming. Read this expert RAC training article and learn more how to deal with an RAC contractor. How do you interact with the contract......

  • RAC Training: Review the CMS RAC Audit Program

      One thing that you as a hospital or a physician or a clinic or a home health agency, you must accept is that number one, RAC contractors are going to come. And yes, they will come to you perio......

  • RAC Training: Protect Yourself When RAC Audits Hit

    You should really ask yourself “What's the big deal about clarifying versus changing?” Well, it turns out that it is a big deal everyone because under MMA 2003, if CMS makes a change in po......

  • RAC Training: Policies and Procedures RACs are Going to Use

    Keep in mind that you need to be looking at and perhaps even conversing with your RAC as to what policies and procedures they are going to use. Read these expert tips and strategies provided by our sp......

  • RAC Training: Get the Scoop on RAC Audit Hot Spots

    RACs are looking for overpayments and in theory, underpayments although the underpayment is a very minor percentage. The main general areas of concern are incorrect payments, non-covered services, med......

  • Get the Scoop on RAC Healthcare Audit Issues

    There's some changes that CMS has made relative to the full scale nationwide RAC program. Now, by the time they really get geared up which is going to be this small, they're going to have a good two-y......

  • RAC Training: Conduct Internal Preemptive Audits

    Let us take a look at some of the known RAC issues, things that you should be aware of, internal audit programs that you can start now. You can also start data mining your own claims. Go through this ......

  • Healthcare Audit: Stay a Step Ahead of the RACs

    RAC audits are audits or reviews that are done by the recovery healthcare audit or RAC contractors. We have the automated reviews where they're going out and just - they're scouring at your claims to ......

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