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This healthcare management training article will help you understand how to create visibility and how to create it so it's and such a confusing puzzle and it's not as loud as it's typically seen.

It has to do with social media. It has to do with connectivity. And then it has to do with how to engage your patients, what do you want to do, how do you want to engage your patients day after day after day.

Video screens are constantly playing commercials while you're watching other programs. Think of any reality show. Think of football programs.If you think of your cell phones today as devices for watching video and listening to audio, there are commercials on those. Text messaging is really rising in abundance as far as commercials are concerned. And we are consumed by electronics all day long because we're constantly connected.

We're connected through WiFi, we're connected through hardwires, we're connected through the XM satellite radio, we're connected through cable television. So no matter where we go, there's a constant barrage of noise.

Our expert outline in one of the medical management conferences that the average consumer today and your average patient sees well over 9,000 messages a day. So much so, think about it this way. Although it doesn’t directly affects you, we want you to be thinking in this way because this is what's happening in trying to grab your patient’s attention. There are one in five second commercials today.

Because you're so busy, we are in a crazy busy world, it is really getting to the point where we're talking about delusion. And delusion occurs because there's so much marketing. It's hard to hear about brand, it's hard to creating an alluring cache; it's hard to create that attraction.

Our expert mentioned in a healthcare training session that physicians really need to think in terms of two things: remarkability and community. How do you do that? Ina book called Purple Cow written by Seth Godin, the premise was simply this. What are you doing that is not only remarkable but memorable? And if you think about brands today and you think about some of the things that you use, it doesn’t matter if they are syringes or rubber gloves or the type of surgical equipment. It could even be the examination tables. It's all about brand.

When you're physically placing orders for your particular supplies, you do it based upon brand. When you're out of your office and you're ordering an automobile or your ordering a soda or a particular glass of wine or sherry or a particular type of drink, you ask for a particular brand simply because it's memorable to you and it's created some type of the differentiation over and above everything else.

So if you think of physicians that are in your market that you “compete with” and those that are seeing patients on a very frequent basis, you really need to think about creating as much community as you possibly can.

So our time today is really not only going to be spent on visibility. But we also want you to be thinking of how to create community so you leave an everlasting memory that others will continually talk about you, much like Coke or Levis or Porsche, does not matter.

Here's the thing. Patients today are more connected than they've ever been before. And talk about visibility. Patients no more about you than you think they know about you. Why? Because people are not utilizing the yellow pages as much. It's just an old formula. It's gotten to the point where it's just trite. It's not even part of pop culture anymore.

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When you think of it this way and you look at social media from the perspective of LinkedIn or Facebook or MySpace or even Twitter for that matter, these particular paradigms have created community and much like they become the community magnet. They've also become reputation aggregators.

The reason being is because those people that are connected within communities today are talking amongst themselves about physicians they like and physicians they don’t like.

So you want to be able to create enough community. You want to be able to create enough differentiation that through the use of social media, through the use of some of these visibility techniques, what you're doing is creating a paradigm that others really continually took about you and force themselves amongst you in your community.

Healthcare Training Tip: So you have to create some actions. You've got to create some activities that allow you to do that. How do you do that? Well, the first thing that you need to do is you need to start thinking about what value can you add and where can you add that value.

When we talk about visibility, we're talking about little things that you can do that others can be aware of you without even justifying the fact that you're a physician. You might be able to speak to different community groups. You might be able to write articles in different regional newspapers. You might be able to provide booklets or audio programs or you might be able to be interviewed on television or radio.

If you don’t think that that helps your practice, you're not thinking in terms of the marketing perspective, you've got other things weighing on your mind that are allowing you to think in a transactional way.

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