2019 ICD-10 Updates

  • Stay on the Top of ICD 10 Diagnosis Codes

    Does everyone have to switch to ICD-10? Actually, no. Only HIPAA-covered entities are required to make the change. Auto insurance and worker’s compensation are not HIPAA-covered entities, so the......

  • Coding Updates: ICD-10 Implementation Plan

      Your ICD-10 implementation plans are going to vary depending on the size of your business, how much medical coding you do, how easily your staff takes to change your computer software and a mi......

  • ICD-10 Training: Ensure a Smooth ICD-10 Transition

      ICD-10 is the major change in Medical Billing in 25 years. Read this ICD 10 training article and know what you are you required to do to make a smooth transition.If any of you happen to do a f......

  • Coding and Compliance Upgrade to 5010

    Let us talk about the biggest change in medical billing in 25 years. When claim data is sent electronically, it's sent as a series of elements, segments and loops. Read this expert medical billing tra......

  • Start the ICD 10 Training for Anesthesia

    Start working on your documentation now. Look at what codes your practice uses most frequently. And if you're having problems with them now, you're going to have more problems with them when you get t......

  • Medical Coding: Accurate Diagnosis Coding Principles for Anesthesia

    Read this expert medical billing and coding training article and get a solid foundation of diagnosis coding for anesthesia services. Work-related injuriesYou want to make certain that you're appendin......

  • Medical Coding Guidelines for Anesthesia Diagnosis Coding

    ICD-9 coding is a significant element to your anesthesia claims -- but it's an often misunderstood process when it comes to general coding and claims processing. Let us look at some of the medical cod......

  • Coding Updates: Diagnosis Coding for Anesthesia Services

    Before we really start thinking about ICD-10, we need to make sure that we are still familiar with our ICD-10 rules which are going to better prepare us for the implementation of ICD-10. Let’s t......

  • ICD 10 Training: Mappings and HIPPA Version 5010

    Read this ICD-10 training article and know how GEMs, General Equivalence Mappings; HIPAA version 5010 and MSDRG mappings, the Medicare Severity Diagnosis-Related Group Mappings ICD-10 issues and conce......

  • ICD 10 Training: Ensure a Smooth Transition to ICD-10

    The ICD-10 final rule, CMS-0013-F, was published on January 16, 2009. Basically, that's when they gave us a decision that, “Yes, we're going to go ahead and move to ICD-10.” For years, the......

  • Medical Coding: ICD-10 Official Guidelines

    Plus, know the common facts and myths related to the new diagnosis system What are ICD-9 rules and what are ICD-10 rules. And for a while, coders and anyone working with these ICD codes are going to ......

  • ICD 10 Training: ICD 10 has New Excludes Notes’ Rules

    ICD 10 has some new rules compared to ICD-9. “Excludes1” indicates that the code identified in the note and the note where the note appears cannot be reported together because the two cond......

  • ICD 10 Training: Difference between ICD9 and ICD 10

    ICD-10 facilitates international comparisons of quality care and sharing of best practices globally. Some of the reasons for the change from ICD-9 to ICD-10, ICD-9 is limited in detail. For those of y......

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