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Change must be well-planned in order to be successful. Let's look at four easy ways suggested by our expert in a management audio conference to create a workplace environment where employees will embrace rather than oppose change on an ongoing basis. As they are all related to appreciation, you'll see praise and recognition is what workers need as much as they need their paychecks if they are to embrace your objectives.

1) Adopt and appreciative focus: Appreciation is far more than saying thank you as important to thanks are. Appreciation is an active purposeful search for the value of worth of whatever or whomever you come in contact with.

Our expert mentioned it in a professionalhealthcare training conference that most of the time, your managers focus as they walk through the doors of the business is on everything that's going wrong. All the problems that they misdeal with and somehow solved. “What did -- who did what wrong yesterday? What's fire they have to put out today in the process, managers frequently ignore and most emphatically fail to value everything that's going right.

Encourage managers to look at their departments, their teams with new eyes. Deliberately search for what they could appreciate and find the value of every person all through the day. You can help managers shift their focus to an appreciative one by asking your managers and department heads to regularly report, what's working, where the greatest process and progress is being made? Who's going the extra mile?

Take a few moment to acknowledge and appreciate the manager that brings you the good news. Ask for more details. Be enthusiastic about what they have to say. In this way, you set the example for managers’ appreciation of their workers. You make it a valuable thing to do.

2) Problem solved with appreciation:  When problems in evidently arise, encourage managers to ask employees what they think might resolve the problem rather than just declare a solution. When valued in such a way, most workers will try to think up good solutions, many they even come up with better solutions than the managers would have thought up.

But there's simply reason that employees often know the workings of their particular job or station better than anyone. If employees don't come up with the solution, well, managers can always ask them to brainstorm or think about it and get back to the manager. That way, managers acknowledge employee value before you serving it with their own.

Now of course, employees are automatically going to solve all the problems. But in this way, managers increase the chances that they will and managers also increase employee motivation to be proactive and regularly and eagerly seek solution to future problems, including problem involving change.

You see, when you acknowledge the value in people if they're doing right, your freedom of to be more creative, more innovative and more valuable to your business. In addition, as I've said before, when employees are part of the decision making or the creation of a solution, they own it. And they're more willing to do what it takes to see it through.

3) Catch employees in the act of doing something right: Encourage your managers to make a habit of walking around their department on a spontaneous and unanticipated basis. Not just to gather information about what problems are going on with the change process, but also to deliberately acknowledge what employees are doing right, right there in the moment, it's a tremendously powerful motivator. Workers want to do well and they find it much easier to do so when their good work is noticed.

Make sure managers know how to make meaningful comments about the good work they catch employees doing. People appreciate specific comments much more than they do general ones. So saying “You're doing a great job” is nice. But it's not as personally meaningful to an employee as saying something like the specs you wrote up on project that really made a difference to our customer. Or noticing that bug in our system software and bringing it to IT's attention was a big help in getting our new product out on schedule.

Healthcare Conference Tip: Suggest to managers as they walk around, ask employees, “What are you working on right now?” Engage workers in conversations about it. It's only for a minute. Wanting to know their thought, let the employees that what they think and what they have to say is valuable.

4) Create a culture of appreciation: Collect stories of work done well of those who went the extra mile and of the bright spirits in the face of daunting problems. Make heroes of the ordinary man and woman who work with and for you.

We are star for recognition, for genuine uploading of our talents and skills. We belong for and want to be heroes, those who prevail against all odds. Those who win the enormous success of TV reality shows is largely predicated on our need to be valued, to be seen as valuable. We want to be appreciated for who we are, we wanted the opportunities to be winners.

Healthcare Event Tip: Celebrate the value of whoever within your company deserves it regardless of position or department. Everyone from VPs to data entry workers, longs for appreciation. Celebrate workers’ good acts outside of work as well. Foster a general climate of valuing people and both the surrounding community and your company will reap the benefits.

Discourage negative talk and gossip about anyone and anything. Don't indulgent in the “economy as terrible” type talk or “committee meetings, what a waste of time” conversations. Don't diminish your focus on appreciation by trashing or bashing others. Infuse everything you do with appreciative thoughts and practices. Personally encourage, support and lead the way.

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