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Tip: Coders can trip on any number of choices when trying to decide among spinal instrumentation add-on codes: approach, segmental or non-segmental … or the dreaded interspace miscount. Follow these steps when deciding on approach and instrumentation type to get the right spinal add-on code each time -- and recoup every bit of reimbursement your surgeon deserves. They are:

  • Look to the primary code first.
  • Don’t be misled by ‘instrumentation’ element of codes.
  • Count spaces for correct anterior instrumentation code.
  • Determine whether segmental or not for posterior claims.

Having expert tips like these means that your coding accuracy will go through the roof, and you’ll have less denials on your desk. That’s less stress for you. Also, your practice will receive the ethical reimbursement it deserves. Get practical, specialty-specific coding advice with Audio Educator’s expert audio conferences.

If you order more than three audio conferences, you will reap substantial savings — the more you choose, the more you save.

Here’s how it works:

  • Choose 3 audio conferences for $399 to get upto 32% discount. Pick more to get more discounts of up to 50%!
  • Get 1 AAPC CEU or 1 AHIMA CEU with majority of  coding/billing/compliance conference
  • Choose the training formats per your preference – On-demand/DVD recordings/PDF transcripts.
  • Contact customer service if you need help to create a customized bundle.

You can contact customer service at 1-866-458-2965 or email to customerservice@audioeducator.com for help.

In this case, the more you learn, the more you save.

Choose minimum 3 conferences!
Orthopedic Coding Updates 2015 by Margie Scalley Vaught
Price: $197.00
Navigating Through Complex Spine Coding by Gregory Przybylski
Price: $227.00
HCPCS Coding for Podiatry by Lynn M. Anderanin
Price: $197.00
Hip and Knee Surgical Coding and New X-Ray Issues by Margie Scalley Vaught
Price: $227.00
Fracture Care Coding and 2016 CCI Changes by Margie Scalley Vaught
Price: $227.00
Key Strategies for Handling Orthopedic Coding Denials by Lynn M. Anderanin
Price: $197.00
Auditing Surgical Operative Reports – Update for 2016 by Dr. Dreama Sloan-Kelly
Price: $227.00
Orthopedics ICD-10 Coding: How's It Working For You? by Margie Scalley Vaught
Price: $227.00
2016 Physical Therapy Updates & Challenges by Margie Scalley Vaught
Price: $227.00
Spinal Coding for 2016 by Margie Scalley Vaught
Price: $227.00
Orthopedic CPT® Updates 2016 by Margie Scalley Vaught
Price: $227.00
The Affects of ICD-10 Implementation in Orthopedics by Lynn M. Anderanin
Price: $197.00
ICD-10 for the Upper and Lower Extremity by Lynn M. Anderanin
Price: $227.00
ICD-10-CM for Spine Surgery Coding by Lynn M. Anderanin
Price: $197.00
ICD-10 Coding for Acute Fractures by Margie Scalley Vaught
Price: $227.00

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