I recently received 4 DVDs from Audioeducator; not only were they user friendly and portable; they contained invaluable information that I was able to implement into my daily routine for better and more accurate coding

Tara Rose Conte
Coder/Abstractor, USA
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  • Get 1 Year Access! Save upto 90%!

    Top-notch training for your whole staff is now available at low price options from AudioEducator. Rapid and dramatic changes in healthcare make constant, intensive training a must, and we've got the solution that won't...

    Starting at $699
  • Hipaa Value Bundle

    Fail to take appropriate steps to curb incidental uses and disclosures of PHI, and you could easily find yourself running into a brick wall of irate patients and potential HIPAA violations. So what is...

    Starting at $399
  • ICD-10 Value Bundle

    When your physician participates in a surgical case because the patient had bleeding (hemorrhage) problems, you typically include 998.11 (Hemorrhage complicating a procedure) as one of your diagnosis codes. That will change once...

    Starting at $399
  • Hospital Value Bundle

    If the physician documents a "right carotid endarterectomy," you can easily report your ICD-9 procedure code -- but your potential selections become a little more complicated in ICD-10-PCS. If you want to avoid having...

    Starting at $399
  • Food Safety Bundle

    If you are anywhere related to importing or growing/processing of human or animal food in the United States for the purpose of general consumption, you have to be abreast with the latest food...

    Starting at $399
  • Home Health Value Bundle

    Coding for your home health patients’ psychiatric conditions can win you additional case mix points, but it can also bring unwanted scrutiny. To safeguard your reimbursement and keep your claims audit-hardy, make sure...

    Starting at $399
  • Hospice Value Bundle

    Every hospice has been there -- a patient goes into the hospital without your knowledge or approval, and you get slapped with a whopping bill from the facility. According to CMS, you don’t necessarily...

    Starting at $399
  • Healthcare Management Bundle

    Improve the efficiency of your organization by subscribing to these educative sessions presented by industry experts. These expert audio conferences will address the challenges you usually face and provide useful tips that will...

    Starting at $399
  • Pharma Value Bundle

    Pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration as it deals with live subjects and living beings. Non-compliance in the pharma industry will lead to fines and penalties for...

    Starting at $399
  • Orthopedic Coding Value Bundle

    Tip: Coders can trip on any number of choices when trying to decide among spinal instrumentation add-on codes: approach, segmental or non-segmental … or the dreaded interspace miscount. Follow these steps when deciding...

    Starting at $399
  • Urology Coding Value Bundle

    Many urologists are using Botox to treat urinary dysfunctions in patients. With no assigned CPT code for the work your urologist performs and varying payer policies on which diagnosis codes are acceptable for...

    Starting at $399
  • Neurosurgery Value Bundle

    Spinal coding may pose a challenge as your surgeon often does more procedures than one, requiring you to proceed one step at a time to capture all services and accurately assign the codes....

    Starting at $399
  • Ob-Gyn Coding Value Bundle

    Global maternal care depends on the method the ob-gyn uses to determine if a patient is pregnant, but coding for the clinical diagnosis of the pregnancy becomes complicated when you have to decide...

    Starting at $399
  • Pathology Value Bundle

    With six "ovary" listings and five bundling references in CPT® surgical pathology codes, not to mention a host of ICD-9 options, you have a lot of choices to make when coding your pathologist’s...

    Starting at $399
  • Cardiology Coding Value Bundle

    Coders often assume that "heart failure" is CHF, and that is not always true. Millions of people in the U.S. have heart failure, requiring billions of dollars in medical care each year, according...

    Starting at $399
  • Otolaryngology Value Bundle

    Although you’ll generally include ear tube removal as a part of any E/M office visit an otolaryngologist provides on the same date of service, you should be on the lookout for circumstances that...

    Starting at $399
  • Evaluation & Management Bundle

    These online E/M coding courses are designed to help you determine the level of E/M service and improve your skills with evaluation and management coding guidelines. Choose from below mentioned conferences presented by industry...

    Starting at $399
  • Family Practice Coding Value Bundle

    Choosing whether to follow the 1995 or 1997 E/M coding guidelines can potentially boost your code level or prevent your physician for getting full credit for his work and reduce his legitimate reimbursement....

    Starting at $399
  • Anesthesia & Pain Management Bundle

    Tip: CPT® includes 13 codes for central venous catheter insertion (36555-36571), which gives you a wealth of choices to weed through. The next time your anesthesiologist inserts one of these lines during surgery,...

    Starting at $399
  • Radiology Coding Value Bundle

    You’ve got a baker’s dozen of central venous catheter insertion codes to choose from: 36555-36571. Simplify sorting through these 13 codes by answering five essential questions: Do 36565 and 36566 apply? How old...

    Starting at $399