I recently received 4 DVDs from Audioeducator; not only were they user friendly and portable; they contained invaluable information that I was able to implement into my daily routine for better and more accurate coding

Tara Rose Conte
Coder/Abstractor, USA
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On Demand Conferences

On-Demand Conferences/Healthcare Training Programs

Did you miss one of our audio conferences? No problem. We organize broadcasts of all our latest and best selling conferences so you never have to miss out on valuable healthcare information.  These conferences are exactly what you need to take care of your audits, billing and coding challenges, deciding on the best clinical evaluation process and keeping up with the latest healthcare industry news.

Get trained on the topics likes medical coding and billing, latest CMS guidelines, CPT codes, ICD codes that mean the most to you, when and where it's convenient to you! Learn right in your office or conference room - No travel means big savings! Earn AAPC approved CEUs for your entire staff at affordable prices.

Our event broadcasts are available throughout the day which gives you the freedom to access these events at their convenience.

Click on the categories below to view topics of your interest.

Keep Abreast with Latest Conferences on Medical Coding & Billing Medical Coding and billing is a challenging job that puts you at the heart...

Home Health Training Online: Ensure Coding and Billing Accuracy for Well-deserved Reimbursement Do you have enough knowledge of the new program integrity contractor medical...

Hospice Training Programs – Improve Your Palliative/Hospice Services. Are you facing CoP compliance challenges and claim denials for your rightful reimbursement? Sail straight through...

Long Term Care Training Programs Let's face it – Long term care facilities are always coping with significant challenges: MDS compliance, quality of care...

Online Training & Education For Hospitals/Health Systems Are critical changes in your healthcare facility overwhelming you and slowing you down? Whether it's life safety...

Online HIPAA Training Program – Get Updated On Latest Healthcare Privacy And Security HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) was enacted by Congress...

Ask Your Toughest ASC Questions And Get Expert Answers Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASCs) demand a lot of attention to detail. You can’t maximize your...

Master These Management Techniques to Boost Your Success Are you witnessing reduced payments and increased government scrutiny in recent times? What do you do...


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