2016 Coding Updates

2016 CPT® Medical Coding Billing Updates

Live Audio Conferences by Industry Experts

Oct 15, 2015
Patti Digangi
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Top-notch Training on 2016 CPT® Updates

Every year, CPT® is revised and updated to accommodate current terminology, technology and practice. According to American Medical Association, 2016 will see many CPT code changes taking effect. To help you keep abreast of this ever-changing CPT® code sets, AudioEducator would be providing audio conferences on the 2016 updates. Presented by the industry veterans, these audio conferences will provide healthcare professionals tips and updates on CPT® coding changes, guidelines on E/M, modifiers, OIG work plan, insights on documentation challenges, fee schedule, and more!

Plus, attendees will also get 1 AAPC CEU from each 2016 coding updates conference.

Sneak preview of what’s in store for you:

  • Demystify the 2016 CPT® coding updates
  • Find out which updates and guidelines could really affect your coding and reimbursement in 2016
  • Get heaps of examples on how CPT® changes will affect your specialty
  • Identify what documentation payers may expect you to provide for full reimbursement
  • Insight on general changes including guidelines, modifiers, E/M codes, OIG work plan and Fee Schedule
  • Challenges your specialty coding may have to face in 2016

Rather than fiddling with the endless onslaught of information about CPT® 2016 coding, let us do it for you. Stay ahead of your peers by getting professional training on the 2016 CPT® coding updates with our riveting audio conferences!