I recently received 4 DVDs from Audioeducator; not only were they user friendly and portable; they contained invaluable information that I was able to implement into my daily routine for better and more accurate coding

Tara Rose Conte
Coder/Abstractor, USA
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Keep Abreast with Latest Conferences on Medical Coding & Billing

Medical Coding and billing is a challenging job that puts you at the heart of the healthcare industry! To succeed, you need to know a little of everything, from how to file an error-free claim, the meaning behind the innumerable acronyms, how to adopt various ICD and CPT® changes every year, and what to look for in payer contracts. That’s why constant medical coding training is so vital. Your knowledge of medical coding and billing directly affects your practice’s bottom line. To keep yourself updated about the coding and billing intricacies, our medical billing conferences demonstrate expert strategies – tried and tested— to ensure you receive every single dollar you deserve from your claims. The catalogue of AudioEducator is brimming with medical coding webinars covering a wide array of topics like — CMS rules, tips for transition to ICD-10, CPT®, HCPCS, DRG codes, OIG work plans, IPPS, OPPS, CCI edits, Modifiers, E/M Coding, and many other regulatory changes and compliance issues.

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  • Multi-Specialty

    Multi-Specialty Events Expert Coding Guidance and Training on 24+ Specialties Mastering medical coding and billing is not as demanding as you think. Although it’s ...

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  • ICD 10

    ICD 10 Diagnoses Codes Implementation Training Seminars By Country's Top ICD-10 Experts! Make sure you and your staff are ready to cope with ...

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  • E & M

    Online Training On EM Codes, Guidelines & Documentation Improper evaluation and management documentation and/or EM CPT codes can result in major compliance violations ...

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  • Modifiers

    De-Mystifying Modifiers 59, 26, 50, 76, 77! Modifiers play a big role in your claim preparation and reimbursement. But, correct use of modifiers ...

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  • Anesthesia

    The Tricky Business Of Anesthesia Coding: Get Ahead of The Challenge With Anesthesia Conferences Anesthesia coding/billing can be complex and confusing. If you ...

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  • Cardiology

    Demystify the Many CPT® 2014 Changes With Cardiology Coding Training In 2014, CPT® codes for cardiology have undergone tremendous changes, which means if ...

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  • Dental Practice

    Boost Your Dental Practice’s Bottom Line With Expert Audio Conferences As a dentist, do you find that you have to spend valuable practice ...

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  • Dermatology

    Delve Into Dermatology Coding Intricacies With Our Expert Audio Conferences Most payers will not cover cosmetic scar revisions, so you should make sure ...

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  • Emergency Medicine

    Expand How You Think About Emergency Medicine Audio Conferences Off-campus urgent and emergency care centers are popping up across the country, creating in ...

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  • Family Practice

    Family Practice Audio Conferences Tailored to Your Specialty You now have more details to consider when coding for multiple vaccines during a single ...

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  • Gastroenterology

    Grasp the Valuable Gastroenterology Coding Updates to Save Yourself Future Headaches Gastroenterology coding updates occur every year, meaning that it’s up to you ...

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  • General Surgery

    Jump Start Your General Surgery Claims With These Audio Conferences Duodenal switch, Roux-en-Y, limb length … let us help you unravel the confusing ...

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  • Internal Medicine

    Follow These Expert Strategies for Internal Medicine Claim Success Accidents happen, and your physicians probably see the evidence in patients of all ages. ...

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  • Mental Health

    Keep Your Mental Health Coding Skills Sharpened With Expert Audio Conferences Contrary to popular belief, audit-proofing your mental health practice doesn’t mean your ...

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  • Neurology

    Navigate the Neurology Coding Maze With Expert Audio Conferences When your neurologist treats occipital neuralgia, you’ll need to identify which nerve was treated ...

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  • Neurosurgery

    Nix Neurosurgery Coding Mistakes Before They Happen If you’re reporting multilevel spinal surgeries, such as spinal lesion excisions, laminotomies and laminectomies, you should ...

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  • Nurses

    Choosing the Best Nurse Audio Conferences Will Only Help You in the Future Nationwide, nursing turnover is a costly and continuing problem. Unfortunately, ...

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  • Ob-Gyn

    Bolster Your Ob-Gyn Claims With This Expert Advice To choose between the codes for routine and more targeted ultrasounds, you need to focus ...

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  • Oncology

    Enhance Your Oncology Claims With These Expert Tips Many coders are taking the "wait and see" approach regarding how the Supreme Court’s recent ...

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  • Ophthalmology

    Make These Expert Ophthalmology Audio Conference a Career Enriching Priority Experienced ophthalmology coders know that getting claims paid for contact lenses and other ...

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  • Optometry

    Don’t Lose Sight of These Optometry Tips to Enhance Your Practice Diagnostic tests are the bread and butter of most optometry practices. But ...

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  • Orthopedics

    Apply These Secrets to Orthopedic Claim Success When your surgeon combines an open approach with an arthroscopic procedure, you’ll be on top of ...

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  • Otolaryngology

    Outline These Otolaryngology Coding Strategies Using Expert Audio Conferences Do you know how to report custom tracheal resections? Suppose your surgeon plans to ...

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  • Pain Management

    Perfecting Your Pain Management Coding Skills Doesn’t Have to Hurt With increased scrutiny of provider compliance and shrinking reimbursement from payers, it is ...

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  • Pathology

    Expert Presentations Will Prevent Pathology Coding Mishaps No one’s happy reporting a skin code when the pathologist examines a large, cancerous skin specimen ...

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  • Pediatrics

    Prevent Pediatric Claim Denials Using Expert Audio Conferences Vaccine payments make up a significant part of your pediatric practice’s A/R, but if you ...

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  • Podiatry

    Perfect Your Podiatry Coding Claims with Expert Audio Conferences Coding for hammertoe correction and sesamoid planing separately can be complicated enough, but when ...

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  • Pulmonology

    Change the Way You Think About Difficult Pulmonology Claims with Expert Audio Conferences If your pulmonologist administers a pneumovax vaccine, ensure that she ...

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  • Radiology

    Expert Audio Conferences Ensure You Receive the Reimbursement Your Radiologist Ethically Deserves Bone mass measurement (BMM) has been in the spotlight lately after ...

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  • Urology

    Update Your Urology Coding Practice With These Expert Audio Conferences Bladder neck surgeries are commonplace for many urologists. But just because your urologist ...

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  • Wound Care

    Cut Out Wound Care Denials With Expert Audio Conferences The rules for wound care documentation requirements change frequently. Which providers can treat and ...

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All The Coding, And Billing Insight From The Renowned Experts via Medical Coding Conferences

With over 12 years of experience, a battery of nationally renowned speakers, and over 90,000 highly satisfied healthcare customers and corporate in the United States, AudioEducator is your one-stop resource for medical billing training. AudioEducator has added tremendous value to healthcare professionals on a daily basis. During our medical coding conferences, you will learn about the latest advancements on billing and coding from the comfort of your home, office, or conference room. Pick a medical coding webinar based on the topics that mean the most to you, when and where it's convenient to you! Our medical coding conferences come to you – and no travel means big savings! Earn AAPC approved CEUs for your entire staff at affordable prices on Live Audio Conferences and Live medical coding webinars!

Learn from the pros! We have the industry's best speakers, who have worked in the business for many years and have expertise in the fields of healthcare, coding and billing, laws and regulation, etc. They specialize in bringing their experience straight to you during AudioEducator’s medical coding training, making our product highly informative and user-friendly. Whether you are a beginning or a veteran, you will learn about often complicated medical coding billing issues in laymen’s terms. We’ll boil tough concepts down into real life examples to show you what to do when that tough claim lands on your desk.

Every medical coding conference is designed to give you manageable coding updates, compliance know-how and practical, easy-to-apply advice to take your organization to the next level. Plus, you’ll take away the medical billing training presentation materials like (PPTs) for future reference and continued learning. In addition you can also ask your questions during the Q&A session following every live medical coding conference and clear your doubts and queries directly from the expert!