PPACA and the Impact on Home Care

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Tue, Nov 09, 2010
60 Minutes
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Health care reform does have some requirements that take effect soon… Prepare yourself now.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is one of the most sweeping pieces of legislation in U.S. history. Tucked within its 2500 pages are numerous changes to the Medicare and Medicaid systems.

There are several key changes to the federal fraud and abuse laws, changes to enrollment and revalidation requirements and an expanded scope of the RAC project to include Medicaid. The PPACA also contained provisions that will impact your role as an employer – including requirements related to nursing mothers.

Join expert Robert W. Markette, Jr. for this 1-hour audio event where he explores how the changes will impact many aspects of your day to day operations. Robert will also show you how you need to begin to deal with these changes now.

Take a look at what Robert Markette will cover:

  • Why providers need to start preparing now for the rebasing efforts to come
  • How the new disclosure requirements impact the revalidation process
  • PPACA expands the False Claims Act even further - Robert will explain how
  • How eligibility for penalties and the amount of penalties are determined under the PPACA
  • What PPACA may mean for future employment models in home health and hospice
  • What does the Medicaid RAC project mean for providers?
  • The hospital bundling pilot project and it's potential impact on home health reimbursement

Have additional questions? You have the floor with the speaker during an interactive Q&A.

Who should attend? Administrators, owners, compliance staff, billing/financial staff, human resources.

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About Our Speaker

Robert W. Markette, Jr. - Home Care Expert

Robert W. Markette, Jr. CHC is an attorney in the law firm Hall Render and practices health law and litigation. Markette has delivered programs on health care regulatory compliance, HIPAA and HIPAA compliance, and he is a well-known speaker throughout the United States.

Markette assists clients ranging from home health agencies to county health departments with Medicare certification, licensure matters, HIPAA privacy and security...   More Info
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