2014 Arthroscopic Coding issues

Demystify The Difference Between NCCI And CPT Bundling Issues

With the updating of the NCCI Guidelines for 2014 there are more issues relating to arthroscopic coding.  Add to that CPT bundling issues, and to keep up with it all is becoming more and more challenging. During this session we will go over the difference between the NCCI bundling issues and CPT bundling issues.  Determining what your payer/carriers are requesting is going to be key to correct coding and reimbursement.

Join Margie Scalley Vaught - CPC, CPC-H, CPC-I, CCS-P, PCE, MCS-P, ACS-EM, ACS-OR, in this informative session, where she will discuss the CCI bundling edits as well as the guidelines and who they apply to. She will go into the documentation issues of supporting the codes being reported. Offices need to understand that coding and billing needs to be based on your payer/carrier contracts – not everyone is billed the same way. Since Jan 2014 many more bundling edits have been placed on arthroscopic procedures and you must be pro-active in dealing with them ahead of time. Medical necessity is an issue that sometimes gets over-looked in an operative note and we need to bring that back to the documentation.

Topics covered in the session:

  • CCI now bundles arthroscopic debridement during other arthroscopic procedures – how are you to report now?
  • There are now specific issues regarding knee arthroscopy procedure codes 29875 and 29876 per Medicare but what do your private payers say
  • Hip arthroscopy procedures are becoming harder to code and get reimbursed for, we will discuss the issues at hand regarding FAI issues
  • Ankle arthroscopic procedures now have these bundling issues that you will need to be aware of for 2014
  • We will discuss arthroscopically assisted vs. open vs. arthroscopic procedures.

Who should attend:  Coders, Billers, Office Managers, Practice Manager, Orthopedic Surgeons

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